Create an Online Bucket / Life List

Written by: James King
Dated: 07/05/11
Life Goal Status: Completed

Life Goal Overview

To create a website dedicated to my own Life List / Bucket List that was unique from similar mass user sites and allowed visitors to help fund raise or participate in any goals.

What inspired me to do this?

A combination of things really, needing to find inspiration, being sick of fighting against commercial Britain and lastly my Mother; to whom was writing herself a bucket list.
I wanted a pin board in my office with a map of the UK and a map of the world, that I'd pin little notes to describing things I wanted to do. Well I took it a step further and decided to build this website for my Life Goals. Fortunately I am a website designer by trade and this was all in a days work (kind of).

Planning & Details

The idea came to me quite quickly though the design and core purposes of the site were a little more tricky. What was it to serve as, to whom and how? What did I want to achieve and how much time and effort was I willing to commit to it?
I looked at sites such as Cody Mckibben and My Life List for inspiration as well as many many others. Social Media was an important part of the site and I had to find the best ways to implement them without the site becoming too clogged up.
Getting the right balance of an interesting site that potentially would inspire others and the functions that I personally wanted it to provide were key.

Post Life Goal Story

In 5 words how do I feel now?

Totally sick of HTML code.

The Story

After many days of ripping apart layouts and code I finally settled on a design and began padding the site out with the actual main component; The Life Goals.
I'm glad I have done it and look forward to it's future development and what new avenues it creates.
Furthermore in 2007 I created a basic home page for myself which expressed a cycling adventure I was planning that summer (See image right). From the site I received an email from a man who wanted to join me on my Lon Las Cymru cycling trip across Wales. We met up and planned the trip and both completed it that June.
So I hope I can generate the same type of interest and meet like minded people through the publishing of this website.

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Old Website version showing Lon las Cyrmu Trip
Old basic home page website